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The World isometric Exercise Association

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The World Isometric Exercise Association, or TWiEA™, as it is frequently abbreviated, is a governing body for all types of isometric and Trisometric™ exercise.  

Our mission is to help set and maintain standards of excellence and best practices in teaching and promoting all techniques and forms of isometric and Trisometric™ exercise.  


​TWiEA™ also seeks to provide an objective assessment and evaluation of books/printed material and exercise devices/equipment.

High Plank
Image by Scott Webb

What TWiEA Does


As part of our mission, TWiEA™ aims to provide those seeking to perform and teach isometric exercises with high-quality resources, tools, and online video instruction. 

In addition, accurate and objective assessment of books/printed material about isometrics and also isometric exercise devices/equipment, together with general information for TWiEA™ certified isometric exercise instructors.


TWiEA™ members receive updates about the latest research data and exercise initiatives relating to all types of isometric and Trisometric exercise.

They also receive exclusive access to TWiEA's extensive online video-on-demand library.  This comprises libraries of isometric, traditional resistance, and other variations/types of exercise.


Since January 2020 TWiEA has worked closely with the British NHS Research and Innovation team to introduce isometric exercise as a valuable tool to help improve overall public fitness/health, strength, and flexibility, in the general workforce/public. It can also speed up recovery from long periods of bed rest by performing simple isometric exercises that can be done even without ever leaving the hospital bed.

Books and Products

To help those seeking more in-depth science, information, history, and ideas about variations in isometric and Trisometric exercises, there is a wide selection of TWiEA-approved books available. 

There are also many excellent products available including the excellent range from Bullworker.

The Workout at Work

The Workout at Work™ initiative is invaluable to public health and fitness. It helps people who do not normally exercise to perform the easiest, fastest, enjoyable, and most discrete equipment-free exercise system while at work in as little as 70 seconds a day.

This is a baseline-essential public health-related concept, even for those who do not enjoy exercise. The NHS has embraced and employed this initiative with over 100 NHS staff participating in daily isometric exercise workouts in projects lasting over two years.

Certified Instructors

If you are a medical professional or holistic therapist then you are almost certainly eligible to apply to become a certified TWiEA instructor in isometric exercise.

This means that you have demonstrated achieving a level of understanding about all forms of isometric exercise to be able to teach it to others.

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