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Simple, effective, and scientifically-proven isometric exercise routines to help strengthen, improve overall health, increase flexibility, and generally speed up recovery.

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Many companies are finding huge benefits from incorporating a simple regimen of isometric exercise for their employees at work.


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Check out our books - you can learn just how and why isometrics are so powerful - and a whole lot more.

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If you are an exercise professional, a sports professional, a gym coach, a school or college sports coach, a martial arts grade (or equivalent) Brown Belt or above, a PADI Divemaster or above, or hold any other kind of professional qualification in coaching/teaching physical activity, you are eligible to apply.

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As part of this mission, TWiEA™ aims to provide those seeking to perform and teach isometric exercises with high-quality resources, tools, and online video instruction.  In addition, accurate and objective assessment of books/printed material about isometrics and also isometric exercise devices/equipment, together with general information for TWiEA™ certified isometric exercise instructors.

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The workout videos are great for parents on the go! I have twins, a full-time job, and it's very hard to make it to the gym with my busy lifestyle.

The isometric workout system is simple and easy to use. They show you step by step how to maximize your potential and how to get the best results. 

The workouts are time-saving and the results are immediate. My overall strength has improved and helps me maximize my workouts at the gym.

Matt L.  - Manager at Cigna