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Time is the #1 reason why people do not exercise.  No time to exercise?  Think again, because you really can take time to exercise because only takes a few minutes a day!

A general lack of activity in modern life and often sedentary jobs combined with taking little or no exercise are some of the biggest health-related problems people face.


Since the start of lockdowns and protective isolations during the Covid-19 pandemic, this lack of exercise and general activity has also negatively affected the mental health of many.

Often, not everyone can afford either the time or the money to spend hours each day exercising in a gym because even a ‘quick’ workout can take between 60 and 90 minutes, usually much longer if travel time is included.


Traditional gyms, coaches, and personal trainers are frequently part of the overall problem of why people, in general, do not exercise more. This is because they typically recommend the types of exercise and workout sessions that take the most time to perform, and/or require a gym or special equipment.


Instead, they should be providing a workable, practical solution that people can follow virtually anywhere, and can be applied and adapted to suit their lifestyle, instead of people having to adapt to an often-inconvenient gym-based lifestyle.

There is a simple, practical solution to this widespread problem that almost anyone can perform, it requires no special equipment, people can exercise at home using scientifically-proven techniques that deliver outstanding results faster than any other system!  This system can even be used while at work to perform a workout session without ever leaving your desk and without anyone even noticing.

Annual membership is only £49.99.

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Become a TWiEA Certified Instructor

An increasing number of fitness and sports professionals are recognising the importance of being able to teach isometric exercise to a high standard while following the most current internationally accepted scientific protocols. 


​TWiEA instructor training courses are available both online as well as in live classroom courses.  Since we launched the online training course distance and geography pose no object, and we have a growing number of instructor candidates and members from around the world who have become a TWiEA certified instructor.

The online course video complete with automated question and answer knowledge review sections is about 1 hour in length, but it may take as long as 80 minutes to complete depending upon each candidate.  There is also a requirement to upload videos that demonstrate your exercise and teaching ability and general isometric-related knowledge. 

The online video course contains all the information you need to successfully complete the knowledge review/Q&A sessions.  However, since the examination is time-restricted many prefer to take a more in-depth approach and support it with advanced background reading from our recommended resource library.


Who is eligible to apply to become a TWiEA Instructor?  If you are an exercise or sports professional, a gym coach, a school or college sports coach, a martial arts grade (or equivalent) Brown Belt or above, a PADI Divemaster or above, or hold any other kind of professional qualification in coaching/teaching physical activity, then you are eligible to apply.

To become a TWiEA Certified Instructor is only £249.99.