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TWiEA Memberships and Courses


Isometric exercise is seeing a dramatic resurgence in popularity for many reasons, not least because the exercise system is proven by science to work, it is either free or very inexpensive to perform, and it can be performed virtually anywhere, including as part of your regular gym-based exercise routine if desired.

The resurgence has created the demand for more people than ever before to use isometric exercises daily or to teach the isometric and TRISOmetric™ exercise systems.  However, for some reason, isometric exercise remains one of the most misunderstood and poorly taught of all exercise systems.  Even amongst some professional coaches, a deeper knowledge of the many different isometric exercise techniques is not clearly understood, and even fewer know anything about the highly advanced TRISOmetric™ exercise system.

For these main reasons, TWiEA™ devised both an associate and professional membership.  The associate membership gives both beginners and advanced exercise lovers access to valuable information and video resources that can improve their knowledge and effective performance of these exercise systems.  The professional memberships are aimed at coaching and medical professionals to be able to teach all forms of these exercised systems to clients and patients.  There is also a range of membership benefits and offers, including members-only deals on certain exercise equipment.

Currently, due to demand and expansion, TWiEA™ are not accepting new membership applications.  However, we hope to be reopening the application system soon. 

Certified Instructor and Master Instructor-Trainer Courses

To meet the new challenges associated with expansion into the medical and healthcare fields, TWiEA™ has temporarily suspended the previous instructor training course.  We are preparing to launch a new version of the course to incorporate the specific needs of medical and healthcare professionals, as well as a new Master Instructor Trainer course for those who wish to be able to train and certify new instructors.

The courses will primarily be online and video-led so that they can be accessed by anyone approved to do so from anywhere in the world.  The courses will comprise a combination of multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and sections to be written, as well as the production of a series of practical demonstration videos by the applicants that are then submitted to the TWiEA™ review panel for assessment.

Please check back here from time to time to see when these exciting new courses will be launched.  Note: Applications to become both a TWiEA™ instructor and Instructor Trainer will be limited and all applicants must possess certain baseline prerequisite qualifications to be accepted onto the courses.  Details about this will be published in an information pack when the courses are officially launched.

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