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Time is the #1 reason why people do not typically exercise, and the overall lack of time is further compounded by traditional exercise methods being the most time consuming to perform.  Also, in today’s world, not everyone can afford the money to join an expensive gym or fitness class.  Isometric exercises are a practical and scientifically proven solution that allows people the freedom to exercise virtually anywhere.  Furthermore, Isometric exercises can be adapted to suit an individual's lifestyle of choice, instead of the individual having to adapt to an often-inconvenient gym-based lifestyle. 


The NHS in Great Britain recognises their value and since early 2020 TWiEA instructors have been operating isometric exercise courses and health initiatives to an increasing number of NHS employees across the regions.  The Workout at Work™ initiative has proven to be immensely popular with extremely positive feedback, and at any one time, dozens of NHS employees are exercising according to the plan, once every 30 minutes throughout their working day.


As a result of these recent advancements, TWiEA will shortly be offering associate memberships to their exclusive isometric and TRISOmetric© organisation.  We will be announcing the range of benefits membership offers, including members-only deals on certain exercise equipment.

NEW TWiEA Certified Instructor and Instructor Trainer Courses

As a result of our work with the British National Health Service (NHS), a growing number of medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are now wanting to join TWiEA and become qualified to teach isometric exercise solutions.  Many are also interested in becoming TWiEA Instructor-trainers so they can teach medical professionals within their system to become instructors.


To meet this new challenge of expansion into medical and healthcare fields, TWiEA has temporarily suspended the previous instructor training course.  TWiEA is preparing to launch a new version of the old course to encompass the needs of medical and healthcare professionals, as well as a brand new Master Instructor Trainer course for those who wish to be able to certify new instructors.


The courses will be online and video-led so that they can be accessed by anyone approved to do so, anywhere in the world.  The courses comprise a combination of multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, and written sections as well as producing a series of practical demonstration videos to be submitted to the TWiEA review panel for assessment and marking.


Please check back here from time to time to see when these exciting new courses will be launched.  Note: Applications to become both a TWiEA instructor and Instructor Trainer will be limited and all applicants must possess certain baseline qualifications to be accepted onto the courses.  Details about this will be published in an information pack when the courses are officially launched.