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The TWiEA Mission

The World Isometric Exercise Association, or TWiEA™, as it is frequently abbreviated, is the global governing body for all types of isometric exercise.  

Our mission is to help set and maintain standards of excellence in teaching and promoting all types of isometric exercise.  

As part of this mission, the TWiEA™ leadership are all reputable sports and exercise professionals who aim to provide those seeking to perform and teach isometric exercise with high-quality resources, tools, online video instruction.

They also seek to provide an objective assessment of books/printed material about isometrics and also isometric exercise devices/equipment, together with general information about isometric exercise.

TWiEA Advisory Board

Ian Northcott B.E.M. 

(British Empire Medal winner)

TWiEA™ Chief Instructor and U.K. Head Coach

Helen Renee Wuorio and Brian Sterling-Vete

Chrisman Hughes

President of Bullworker and

U.S. Vice President of TWiEA

Chrisman is the president of Bullworker which is the world’s leading manufacturer of premier isometric-isotonic fitness equipment, with a proud legacy dating back to 1962.  

He studied biomechanical science as part of his formal education at university and continues to develop his exercise science knowledge, together with general physical culture and fitness training. 

As a true adventure-lover, Chrisman is passionate about participating in all forms of adventure-sports regularly including surfing, rock climbing, snowboarding, and cycling.

Chrisman’s other passion in life is to help others achieve their goals.  He does this through teaching fitness and holistic regimens of strength, flexibility, movement, cardio, and body awareness.

In 2021, Chrisman became the U.S. Vice President of TWiEA - The World Isometric Exercise Association.  As such, he hopes to help many more people achieve their goals of strength, shape, and advanced fitness through the proliferation and correct use of science-based isometric and advanced TRISOmetric exercise techniques. 

In the U.K., Chrisman’s company Bullworker, is supporting the NHS, the National Health Service.  He has generously supplied many pieces of exercise equipment to help further the work of Brian Sterling-Vete and the TWiEA team to encourage the more widespread use of isometric exercise and The Workout at Work initiative.

CW Manual Shot.png

Dr. Adrian Lee

TWiEA™ Professional Development Course Curriculum and Content Consultant

Adrian was born in London, England, and now lives in the United States.  He studied at Kent University, London University, and has since lectured in the U.K. and across Europe and he was an education consultant advisor for the British Government.  As an athlete, Adrian fenced first at the county and later at the national level.


Adrian is a published author with several popular books to his credit, and a broadcaster with his own radio and TV shows.  He also has a life-long passion for education and investigative research.  Adrian’s role in TWiEA™ is to help ensure that all professional development courses contain content that is scientifically accurate, balanced, appropriate, and applicable to subjects and students alike.


As an ardent believer in isomeric exercise, Adrian always keeps a set of trusty Iso-Bows handy which enable him to exercise anywhere and everywhere he chooses.


Ian Northcott B.E.M.

(British Empire Medal winner)

TWiEA™ Consultant

Ian has been using isometric exercises throughout his life as part of his fitness regime and particularly when the time was short during his British Military career and/or when he was in the British Police Force.   

Ian holds the British Empire Medal (B.E.M.) for his work with his homeless charity Socks & Chocs that is both helping to save and change the lives of those in a disadvantaged position in life.

As well as being a member of the team at TWiEA™, Ian runs a busy outdoor fitness company in the UK that is changing the lives of many people who otherwise would not engage with or stick to an effective fitness plan and his engaging style both motivates and inspires others.  Primarily based around the training programme of cross country skiers Ian utilises isometric exercises daily with his clients.

Ian holds qualifications in motivation and influence (Language & Behaviour Profile and a Degree in Clinical Hypnosis) Ian is also an NLP Practitioner, and he holds a Diploma in Life Coaching and a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

As a consultant to TWiEA™, Ian is excited to share his knowledge and experience of this exciting training method and help spread the word about isometrics.


Ajarn Stuart Hurst

UK Chief Instructor 

World Martial Arts Chief Instructor

Stuart is from Manchester, England, but in his professional life has traveled all over the world as a professional fighter.  

Stuart holds 7 martial arts black belts and has won many prestigious titles including, 3 Times World Muay Thai Champion, 2 Times World Martial Arts Champion, the King of Thailand’s Champion, British and European Muay Thai Champion.  

Stuart has owned an operated 2 chains of fitness clubs/gyms and has a life-long passion for exercise.  He first discovered the power and efficiency of isometrics when he began training in martial arts at the age of 7 years old, and since that time he has been an ardent advocate of all things isometric.

Stuart is also a media professional and has worked as a camera operator, editor, and director for the BBC, ITV, and Manchester City Football Club TV to name but a few.

Stuart’s role in TWiEA™ is as UK Chief Instructor to work with TWiEA™ members, instructor candidates, and other members of the TWiEA™ advisory board to help devise exercise classes, create new video content, and to help devise and deliver professional instructor training courses.


Master John D. Robertson

TWiEA™ Course Director and Chief Evaluation Officer

John is from Manchester, England, and currently holds a 6th Dan in Shotokan Karate, a 6th Dan in Freestyle Karate, and a 6th Dan in Jiu-Jitsu.  He is also the WKC (World Karate Council) England Kata Team Manager, the WKC World President Kata, and Forms, and the WKC World Kickboxing / Points Fighting Referee.  John is also the Chief Instructor of the Bushido Martial Arts organisation.

John first discovered the power and efficiency of isometric exercise when he began training in martial arts in 1972, and since that time he has been a life-long advocate of all things isomeric.  

John is passionate about accuracy and style, which is why he has been selected by the WKC and the England Karate Team to hold his prestigious positions.  Therefore, when applied to isometric exercise, John is an expert in exercise style, performance, and evaluation of technical execution.

John’s role in TWiEA™ is as a consultant who is called upon to work with other members of the advisory board helping to create instructor courses and advise the examination assessment team.


Brian Sterling-Vete PhD

Chief TWiEA™ Consultant

As a veteran strength training, fitness consultant, and bodybuilding coach Brian is a published author on the subject with 22 books currently in print and a valuable archive of instructional videos.  He also invented the TRISOmetric™ exercise system which is a hybrid combination of isometric, isotonic, and functional isokinetic exercises based on a specific combination of proven scientific techniques.  He has also owned and operated 6 successful commercial gyms and fitness clubs.
Brian has coached many national, international, and world champions including 2 times World Martial Arts Champion, Stuart Hurst, and 4 times World’s Strongest Man, Jon Pall Sigmarsson.
In the 1980s he worked with South African and British Olympic Games coach Wilf Paish to devise, create the brand, and launch the Super Bodypower range of sports nutrition supplements for Healthilife.
Combining his skills as a fitness expert and broadcaster, Brian worked closely with the National Coaching Foundation – now Sports Coach UK, Coachwise, and YMCA Fit to produce a series of instructional training films for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and professional coaches.  He also produced The Weight Training Dictionary.
Brian has designed commercial gym and fitness equipment for major UK manufacturers and fitness installations for companies and organisations including The Royal Navy.  He is a consultant to The Bullworker Company which produces one of the world’s best-selling and most iconic exercise devices, The Bullworker Classic.
As a coach and expert consultant on exercise, Brian’s blunt, direct, no-nonsense, and sometimes less than politically correct approach is frequently attractive to the TV and print media, especially when they want to shock people out of their complacency and into action to get results quickly.  This is reflected in one of his best-selling books on the subject ‘The 70 Second Difference: The Politically Incorrect, Brutally Effective, and Occasionally Amusing Guide to Exercise, Diet’.
Currently, Brian is the chief consultant to TWiEA and is considered to be one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject.

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