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Disclaimer and Important General Safety and Health Instructions

This section pertains to TWIEA (The World Isometric Exercise Association), together with any association, collaboration and partnership, any associated online resources, all print and e-books, courses, publications, articles, videos, associated websites, recommendations, suggestions, coaching, advice either written, cyber, or verbal that is given, implied, or suggested, all courses authored and/or delivered by TWiEA Ltd, Brian Sterling-Vete, and Helen Renée Wuorio, the copyright holders, creators, writers, instructors, and the originators of the material in this website and associated supporting materials.

You should never begin any kind of sport, exercise system, workout plan, or diet modification, including everything contained in this website, course, video library, documents, and in any books mentioned in the beginning paragraph above unless you have consulted with and have the full approval of your medical doctor.  Your physician can accurately assess your current health status, and your ability to perform the exercises in the book and/or course.  

This is particularly important if you have any known or unknown pre-existing health issues, are pregnant, or believe that you may have other serious health conditions.  You must always have absolute approval from your physician before starting.  Please show all the material in the above courses, books, video/audio, online material, and all content to your physician to get their approval before you start.  

All exercises, suggestions, recommendations, instructions, exercise plans, dietary and eating recommendations, either given or implied or anything that falls under paragraph 1 is only intended as a reference source, and it is no substitute for a qualified professional personal coach to plan an exercise and diet program appropriate for your age and physical condition.  Also, nothing mentioned in paragraph 1 is intended for use by children, and all exercise equipment must be kept out of their reach.  

Never overexert yourself when performing any exercise.  

Stop exercising immediately and consult your doctor if you ever experience any pain, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, tightness in your chest/arms/fingers, faintness, nausea, or feelings of dizziness.  

Then consult your doctor and/or call the EMS immediately.  

Always inspect any exercise equipment, and/or any/all other improvised or specifically made exercise equipment/materials, doors, door jambs, door frames, and anything else you use before each use to ensure its proper operation and to ensure that it is undamaged and safe.  Do not use it unless all parts are free from wear, and it is functioning properly.  

Care should always be taken to avoid serious injury using any/all exercise equipment, and in all items, people, books, and courses mentioned in paragraph 1 of this section.  

Care should always be taken when getting into all exercise positions, on and off the floor, on and off chairs, on and off benches, on and off any other surface that might be used for exercise, including pieces of furniture, and in the use of all exercised equipment, either purpose-made or improvised.  

No person, people, team, company, or organisation mentioned in paragraph 1 of this section can accept any responsibility whatsoever for any injury, harm, damage, illness, harm, damage to property, or any other negative health-related condition which may occur as a direct, or indirect result of following these courses, recommendations, suggestions, diagrams, pictures, videos, or while performing any exercises in these or any related other related material/publication/s.  

For additional general information, we also recommend that you check reputable accredited medical advice sites such as The National Health Service in the United Kingdom, online at:

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