Disclaimer and Important General Safety and Health Instructions

Before beginning this or any other exercise system or plan, everyone should consult a qualified physician who is able to assess your current health and your ability to perform the exercises, the system and the plan.  This is especially relevant if you have any pre-existing health concerns, issues, you are pregnant, or you may have serious health conditions.

You should never begin any kind of sport, exercise system or plan, including everything contained in the TWiEA™ system without absolute approval to do so from your physician or medical professional.  If you intend to perform any exercise, course, or plan, or to carry our any recommendation in the TWiEA™ system, then please show it to your doctor and get their approval before you start.

 All exercises, courses, plans and eating recommendations in the TWiEA™ system are intended as a reference only, and are no substitute for a qualified personal coach who can assist you in planning a program appropriate for your age and physical condition.  Never overexert yourself when performing any exercise, and stop exercising immediately and consult your doctor if you experience any pain, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, tightness in your chest, faint, nauseous, or feeling dizzy.

Use all exercises, courses, plans and eating recommendations in the TWiEA™ system and all associated exercises, courses, plans and devices are not intended for use by children.  Inspect your IsoBow before each use to ensure proper operation, and do not use it unless all parts are free from wear and it is functioning properly.  Keep the Iso-Bow® out of the reach of children.  To avoid serious injury, care should always be taken at all times using the TWiEA™ system, The 70 Second Difference™, the Helen Renée™ system, or the Iso-Bow® system, and all associated exercises, courses, plans and devices.  Care should always be taken when getting into all exercise positions, on and off the floor, on and off chairs, in the use of the Iso-Bow® or Iso-Bow’s®, on and off benches, or on and off any other surface, or piece of furniture. 


The creators, writers, instructors, originators, and owners the TWiEA™ system and all associated exercises, courses, plans, and devices accept no responsibility whatever for any injury, harm, damage, illness, or negative health related condition which may occur as a direct or indirect result of following any course or recommendation, or from performing any exercise, system, or concept. 


For additional general information we also recommend that you also check qualified medical advice sites such as The Mayo Clinic online:  http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/fitness/in-depth/exercise/art-20047414