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Since January 2020, TWiEA has been working closely with the British NHS Research and Innovation team at the Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust on several isometric exercise initiatives. In 2022, TWiEA and the NHS began the final phase that involved over 100 people working in various jobs across all departments in the NHS participating in the exciting, simple, and highly effective Workout at Work™ initiative.

The objective was to produce an exercise system that could be performed discretely in almost any place of work, without negatively impacting the place of business, and by people of almost any ability.  It had to be a system that would be embraced and employed even by those who typically did not like to perform physical exercise. Crucially, it had to be a system that delivered noticeable positive results as quickly as possible.

The Workout at Work™ initiative met all requirements and was an outstanding success with overwhelmingly positive feedback.  Now, both TWiEA, and the NHS are seeking to dramatically increase the rollout of the initiative to all sectors nationwide, and through GP surgeries to include members of the public in the next phase. TWiEA is also aiming to widen the scope of the Workout at Work™ initiative to include private sector companies by partnering with private healthcare providers.  This includes strategic instructor training programs to produce TWiEA-approved fitness mentors in the workplace.

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