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As a result of our work with the British National Health Service (NHS), a growing number of medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are now wanting to join TWiEA™ and become qualified to teach both isometric and TRISOmetric™ exercise systems.  Many have also demonstrated a keen interest to become Master Instructor-Trainers so they can teach other medical professionals within their healthcare system to become certified instructors.

Since early 2020, TWiEA™ has been working closely with the British NHS Research and Innovation team at the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust on several isometric exercise initiatives.  From small beginnings, this has grown to see TWiEA™ instructors delivering an increasing level of isometric exercise training to NHS employees across all sectors, from clinicians on the front line to the office teams supporting them.

​In 2022, TWiEA™ and the NHS Research and Innovation team at the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust began the rollout of the exciting, simple, and highly effective Workout at Work™ initiative.  The simplicity of this concept combined with the proven science underlying isometric exercise is now poised to be rolled out to more NHS staff across more regions of the country as well as in private sector companies as well.

The chief problem TWiEA™ and the NHS needed to overcome was to encourage more people to take regular exercise.  This was not always easy, especially since not everyone likes to exercise, the perceived lack of time needed to exercise, the lack of money that many thought it would cost, and the lack of overall motivation. 

TWiEA™ solved all these problems with the exciting and powerful Workout at Work™ initiative.  Early in 2022, TWiEA™ and the NHS rolled out The Workout at Work™ initiative to over 100 NHS staff members from all parts of the organisation, this included medical doctors, frontline emergency staff, office and support staff, and manual workers.  The result was a resounding success, with many of those attending the regular online training sessions wishing to become more deeply involved at the instructor and Master Instructor-Trainer level.

​Now, both TWiEA™ and the NHS are seeking to dramatically increase the rollout to all sectors nationwide, and through GP surgeries to members of the public.  It is an exciting time for all concerned, especially for long-standing isometric exercise enthusiasts.

Here are our existing sponsors who have all given generously to help support the NHS:

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“I did the isometric course as I was aware that a lot of the sport I do is lower half dominant – cycling and running.  
I feel stronger in my upper core, more connected to my lower core, more fluid when I run.” 

Becky T., MSc BSc (Hons) RN
Technical Demonstrator – Nursing

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