Human resource professionals know only too well that the fitness, health, and well-being of their workforce are directly proportional to the quality of work they produce.

To help you maximise productivity, and to help you retain your workforce, we provide effective corporate exercise solutions to companies of all sizes.  You and your employees will benefit from:

  • Happier employees due to increased endorphin levels

  • Increased productivity due to increased blood flow to the brain

  • More energy as a result of better tone, fitness, and strength

  • Eased anxiety with better mental health through physical activity

  • Decreased stress through better fitness levels

  • Healthier employees who typically take less time off sick

We teach a simple yet revolutionary system that enables a total-body workout to be performed in between just 70 and 180 seconds a day – and without even leaving the desk.

We can have exercise, coaching and training the trainer packages to suit all sizes of organisation.


The Workout at Work™ concept also offers your marketing and PR department an excellent, positive PR opportunity to show your company in a positive light which the news media would love.


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