Workout at Work

No Special Equipment

One simple isometric exercise taking 10 seconds to perform every 30 minutes throughout the day will deliver a comprehensive and powerful total-body workout routine at the end of a 9-hour working day – and usually without ever leaving your desk!



A great advantage of isometric exercise is that you do not need any special equipment to exercise with.

The system is entirely natural and can be performed almost anywhere, typically without anyone even knowing that you are doing it.


Time is the #1 reason why people do not exercise.  No time to exercise?  Think again, because you really can ‘Workout at Work' and you can usually do this without anyone even knowing what you are doing!

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More Efficient

Your boss should never complain if you perform an isometric exercise lasting just 10 seconds every 30 minutes while at work.


This is because in exchange for between just 126 and 180 seconds out of your average 9-hour working day then you will have completed a powerful and comprehensive total-body workout routine!


This means that you will never need to stop-off at a gym on the way home from work again unless you really want to, giving you more time with your loved ones or doing other things you enjoy doing.


Regular exercise while at work also delivers huge benefits in terms of health, tone, fitness, and strength, so you will typically take less time off sick as a result.


Also, exercising this way makes you more alert and up to circa 30% more efficient at whatever job you are doing, so it is a win-win for you and your boss.


Brian Sterling Vete Ph.D. is available for consultations and seminars for your employees, workplace health ambassadors, and through video-led online courses and/or Livestream events.

​It is more important than ever to look after both the mental and physical health of your team and incorporating daily isometric exercise into your workplace can make a significant difference.


Brian has spent over a year working on introducing isometric exercise into the workplace with the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. 


The NHS Innovation team all performed regular isomeric exercise sessions delivered online by Brian and his team, and everyone participating reported positive benefits and results.

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