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Workout at Work



The Workout at Work™ initiative is invaluable to public and corporate health and fitness. It helps people who do not normally exercise to perform the easiest, fastest, enjoyable, and most discrete equipment-free exercise system while at work in as little as 70 seconds a day.

This is a baseline-essential public health-related concept, even for those who do not enjoy exercise. The NHS has embraced and employed this initiative since 2020 with over 100 NHS staff participating in daily isometric exercise workouts.

The Workout at Work initiative is supported by a fully illustrated book explaining the exercises and background science and has been extensively used by the NHS.

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Time and Motivation

Time is commonly regarded as the #1 reason why people do not exercise, and lack of exercise means poorer health and more sick days. Also, the lack of motivation to exercise is another common reason.

The problem with traditional exercise systems is that they take time to perform, effort, motivation, and money to maintain the routines.  
The Workout at Work™ Initiative solves all of the major barriers to a healthier, happier and more motivated workforce.  It is discrete, fast - with a base minimum of just 70 seconds of consecutive exercise time needed, and it is easy enabling almost everyone of any age or ability to participate.

No exercise system is perfect but doing nothing at all is much worse.

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Tried and Trusted by The NHS

The Workout at Work™ Initiative has been embraced by the NHS since January 2020. Over a two year period, TWiEA worked closely with the NHS Research and Innovation team at The Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust to deploy the Workout at Work Initiative across various sectors of the NHS.

This culminated in over 100 people per session joining the TWiEA instructors regularly exercising either at home or in the office. The workout sessions were even able to continue under the most stringent COVID-19 lockdown and socially distance workplace regulations.

The result was that both TWiEA and the NHS research and Innovation Team received massively overwhelmingly positive feedback for the Workout at Work Initiative.

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Workplace Fitness Ambassadors

TWiEA™ can implement the Workout at Work™ initiative in either a single workplace or across an organisation.
We can supply bespoke or off-the-shelf video-on-demand workout library sessions covering the basic 70-Second Difference Workout at Work initiative, and more demanding workout plans for those who are already fit.
TWiEA instructors and instructor-trainers are available for consultations and to perform seminars for company leadership and general employees. 
We can also help to create appointed Workplace Health and Fitness Ambassadors though comprehensive training via video-led online courses, or in-person training on location, or via Livestream virtual personal sessions.

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